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Next month, we’re taking a closer look at Dinkelsbühl, one of the highlights at the romantic road in Germany.

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  • Sommersdorf Castle
    Mummies and guestrooms: Accommodation at the moated castle in Sommersdorf comes with bragging rights and creepy party stories.
  • Castle Runkelstein
    From a medieval fortification to a pompously furnished summer residence. From to an arms arsenal to a tourist magnet: Castle Runkelstein had a turbulent past! Have a look at these 8 photos and see why it’s a must-see!
  • Bachritterburg: A 13th century timber castle
    Timber castles are rare. Very rare! Don’t miss Bachritterburg Kanzach, a 13th century timber castle reconstructed based on historical records.
  • Dubrovnik
    The cradle of freedom: Dubrovnik, and how it rose from a refugee settlement to the first state that abolished slavery to one of the first states that recognized the United States of America as an independent nation.
  • Castle Sigmaringen
    What does a bathhouse sex party and the thirty years’ war have in common? Yes, we’re talking about Castle Sigmaringen, but you’ll never guess it! In case you’re curious, just read on.
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
    This is the story of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, its former mayor Heinrich Toppler and how he made Rothenburg to one of the richest towns in the world.
  • Castle Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau
    Here are the details nobody tells you about the two castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Turns out there’s quite some irony connected to them.
  • Himeji Castle
    Of all the dangers that threaten a castle over the centuries, Himeji castle survived three, that each by itself, is usually a certain death sentence.
  • Hohentwiel
    How to minimize costs while building the biggest castle in Germany? Count Ulrich of Württemberg had an idea that made Hohentwiel an impregnable fortress!
  • Bad Urach: Residential Palace and Hohenurach Castle Ruins
    Bad Urach: The rise and fall of a capital city. Including 8 pictures from the residential palace and Hohenurach castle.
  • Windsor Castle
    For more than 900 years the residence of the British monarchs: Windsor castle has some beautiful corners to discover, just have a look at these six pictures and see for yourself.
  • The National Wallace Monument
    William Wallace was one of Scotland’s greatest national heroes. He got a pretty impressive monument erected in his honor. However, he paid a high price for it…
  • Stirling Castle
    Stirling Castle is one of the few monuments that combine a palace and a fortress. Have a look at these pictures and see for yourself why it’s worth a visit.
  • The Atomic Bomb Dome
    A single nuclear device with an explosive power of 15 kilotons of TNT devastated Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945. The Atomic Bomb Dome withstood the blast and became a memorial of the biggest single event mass killing in history.
  • Edinburgh Castle
    One of the most besieged and attacked places in the world attracts more than two million visitors a year. See for yourself what makes Edinburgh Castle so special.
  • The Tower of London
    Almost a thousand years old and shrouded in legends. What used to be a castle and a prison serves nowadays as storage facility for the crown jewels…
  • Castles on the romantic road part 1: Füssen to Augsburg
    Nine photos of the castles at the romantic road between Füssen and Landsberg am Lech. See for yourself why it’s called the romantic road.
  • Reutte Tyrol: Ehrenberg Castle, Fort Claudia and Schlosskopf
    Reutte Tyrol: Three castle ruins and a rope bridge spanning a valley. Take a look at these 17 photos to see whats waiting for you.
  • Craigmillar Castle
    Take a look at these 7 photos of Craigmillar Castle, one of Scotland’s best preserved medieval castle ruins.
  • Mesocco Castle
    The ruins of Mesocco Castle in Switzerland are worth a visit. Have a look at these six photos to see why.
  • Sforza Castle Milan
    Sforza Caste in Milan looks quite different than other medieval fortresses. Take a look at these seven photos and see for yourself.
  • Castle Ruin at Feldkirch Tosters
    The castle ruin at Feldkirch Tosters is an insider tip. Tourists rarely find it – it’s just too well hidden. Here are seven photos to show you whats waiting.
  • Meersburg Castle
    The oldest inhabited castle in Germany comes with a mystery: Its exact age is unknown. Here are 12 pictures of one of the most beautifully decorated castles you can visit.
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg
    The landmark of the Austrian city Salzburg is the largest completely preserved medieval castle in central Europe. Here are 10 photos and some details you won’t find in history books.
  • Rastatt Residential Palace
    There are two Palaces in Rastatt. Here are 9 photos of the Residental Palace, which nowadays would cost you ~€264 millions to build!
  • Rastatt Favorite Palace
    There are two palaces in Rastatt. This post is about the Favorite Palace, which is kind of a female pleasure castle. Take a look at the pictures, it’s worth it!
  • Bruchsal Palace
    Bruchsal Palace is a a marvelous baroque masterpiece. Just have a look at these pictures and see for yourself.
  • Budapest
    Take a look at these photos of castles and palaces in Budapest. Including the Fisherman’s Bastion, Vajdahunyad Castle and the Hungarian Parliament.
  • Strasbourg
    Unbelievable: Strasbourg was one of the filthiest places in the 15th century. Nowadays it’s a world heritage site. Take a look and see what has changed.
  • Hohenneuffen
    If you like castles you’ll love the ruined castle Hohenneuffen. Here are 10 pictures and some of the details nobody else will tell you.

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