Castle Sigmaringen

What does a bathhouse sex party and the thirty years’ war have in common? Yes, we’re talking about Castle Sigmaringen, but you’ll never guess it! In case you’re curious, just read on.

Urach Residential Palace

Bad Urach: The rise and fall of a capital city. Including 8 pictures from the residential palace and Hohenurach castle.

Entrance to Rastatt Residential Palace.

There are two Palaces in Rastatt. Here are 9 photos of the Residental Palace, which nowadays would cost you ~€264 millions to build!

Backside of Rastatt Palace Favorite

There are two palaces in Rastatt. This post is about the Favorite Palace, which is kind of a female pleasure castle. Take a look at the pictures, it’s worth it!

Bruchsal Palace from outside.

Bruchsal Palace is a a marvelous baroque masterpiece. Just have a look at these pictures and see for yourself.