On Castles, Ruins and Palaces!
On Castles, Ruins and Palaces!

Craigmillar Castle

Just outside of Edinburgh city, lay the ruins of Craigmillar Castle. According to Wikipedia, it’s one of the best preserved medieval castles in Scotland.

Construction started in the late 14th century and continued through the 15th and 16th century. The castle was abandoned  in the 18th century and fell into ruin. Here are a few pictures of what to expect should you visit it.

One unusual detail about the Craigmillar Castle is its location: Although it is built on a little “hill”, the surrounding terrain would best be described as flat, providing little to none defensive advantage.

Small rooms with arched ceilings and meters thick walls, accessible through narrow, winding corridors. A treasure for every castle spotter. Speaking of which, there were surprisingly few visitors.

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